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Launch of Nordic Dialogues 2018

24.04.2018  16:02
Nordic Dialogues aims at broadening the spectrum of solutions to some of Brazil’s current challenges by engaging and inspiring Brazilians through dialogues on perspectives, experiences and expressions from the Nordic region.

Nordic Dialogues 2018 was launched 20th of April.

Nordic Dialogues is a 3 year project aiming at creating joint Nordic Branding that helps generate change in Brazil. Focusing on an annual theme, the Nordic Dialogues is including both policy and culture as mutually reinforcing elements that can strengthen the understanding and dissemination of Nordic perspectives in Brazil. The policy track consists of debates, interviews, meetings with counterparts and seminars, while the cultural track features theme-related exhibitions, workshops and performances.

Based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the annual themes of the Nordic Dialogues relate to specific Sustainable Development Goals. The first Nordic Dialogues in 2018 focuses on gender equality.

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