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Invitation to Ponte Nórdica Film Festival 2018

27.04.2018  17:26
As one of the first events forming part of Nordic Dialogues, we are excited to present the Ponte Nórdica Film festival 2018 at Caixa Cultural, Rio de Janeiro.

Join us for this exceptionally exiting night on Thursday May 3rd at 6 PM where we celebrate Nordic cinema during a night of meeting and greeting, interesting panel discussions and drinks. The entrance is free and open for everybody.

Ponte Nórdica is organized by the Danish Cultural Institute and Caixa Cultural in collaboration with the Nordic embassies in Brasília, and will take place from 1st to 13th of May.

This is the second edition of Ponte Nórdica. The theme of the festival this year is diversity - diversity regarding culture, ethnicity, and gender issues. During the two weeks, the public can watch 17 movies from Nordic countries and take active part in debates related to the movies and festival theme.

The film festival is part of Nordic Dialogues 2018.

For further information about Ponte Nórdica, click here.

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