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Greetings from the Ambassador

Welcome to the homepage for the Danish Embassy in Brasília, the Consulate General in São Paulo and the sub-office in Rio de Janeiro.

At the Embassy and at the Consulate General, we promote Danish interests in Brazil and our main concern is to maintain and strengthen the Danish-Brazilian relationship.

We keep the Danish authorities informed about the development in Brazil in areas of specific interest to Denmark, provide assistance to Danish citizens in the country, and strengthen the Danish exports to Brazil.

The Danish Embassy furthermore carries out official relations with Venezuela, Suriname and Guyana.

With its beautiful nature, its colourful culture and its friendly population, Brazil is an exciting country to visit. At the same time, Brazil is an interesting market for a number of Danish companies.

In a globalized world Danish companies are constantly forced to search for new markets, and in this regard, Brazil should also be considered by Danish companies. Even though the economic growth has slowed down recently, the size of the Brazilian market is so impressive that much business can still be done, and Brazil should not be automatically overlooked.

At our homepage you can find information about the topics mentioned above, among these, how the Embassy assists Danes in Brazil and how we support Danish companies. My colleagues and I are happy to provide you with further information if needed.

Best regards,

Kim Højlund Christensen
Ambassador of Denmark to Brazil


Ambassador Kim Højlund Christensen