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Retention and Development of the Market

Setting up Abroad

If your company is considering setting up abroad, the Trade Council’s advisors can help you. The Trade Council has advisors with intimate knowledge of local markets in place all over the world, and they can help your company to find the best type of formation.

Export Joint promotion Campaigns

The Trade Council co-financesjoint export promotion campaigns for groups of minimum five Danish Companies. The aim is to broaden the knowledge of the participating companies about market and business conditions and creating contacts to business and collaboration partners abroad.

International financing and projects

The market potential for international projects is very great. These are internationally financed projects of an overall value of several hundred billion DKK a year. Danish companies’ competences and products to a high degree match the priorities of the international financing organisations in such areas as energy, environment and climate.

Market Analyses

If your enterprise is considering moving into new markets, you can get help from the Trade Council’s advisers. It will give you a solid basis for making important decisions and ensure that you are well prepared for initial talks with new business partners and customers.


The Trade Council has advisers located all over the world, who are ready to assist your enterprise in finding the best business partners on new markets


The Trade Council has many years of experience in recruiting abroad. Use the Trade Council as a recruiting partner when you are in need of hiring foreign employees in connection with set-up, growth or personnel replacement within the export markets.