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Advisory Board

We use local partners to strengthen our own capabilities in a number of key areas. The Advisory Board includes a wide range of profiles and competences, spanning entrepreneurs, sector specifik specialists and company directors.  The Advisory Board consists of 15 partners with special ties to Denmark. They offer their Brazilian experience, insight and feedback in our work and assist us in helping Danish companies and entrepreneurs succeed.


Jesper Rhode, Head of Marketing in Latin America Ericsson

With a background in powerhouses such as Alstom and Ericsson, Jesper possesses a solid network in Brazil within ICT and R&D. He is a guest lecturer at the renowned Getúlio Vagas Foundation in the area of digital marketing


Roberta Baldivia, LEGO Education's territory manager in Brazil

 Roberta is an expert in education and in sales to government and authorities. She is experienced in bringing high-end and mid-range international brands to the Brazilian market. 




Vinicius Maeda, Founding partner at Mint Capital


Vinicius has a great experience in early-state venture capital investments in start-ups, risk management and investment analysis.



Cassio Beldi, Founding partner at Mint Capital


Cassio has a great experience in early-state venture capital investments in start-ups, risk management and investment analysis.


Bjarne Munkerod Andersen, Owner Agnito Ventures

Agnito Ventures is behind Gradutateland and Eurorads. Bjarne has experience with entrepreneurship and online business models.

Palle Kjær, Partner Napatech Brazil, Owner Mobile Patners Brasil and other start-ups

Palle is an international telecom expert, with 20+years' experience in the fields of: Mobile network operators, global mobile satellite systems and international roaming.


Michael Bak, Rio-based CEO for Hempel Brazil

Michael has an extensive experience and network in the Brazilian energy sector, including oil and gas.



Rachel Maia, CEO Pandora, Brazil

Rachel has solid experience with luxury goods and consumer behaviour. She is former CFO for Tiffany and Co. Brazil.

Peter Kronstrøm, Associate, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS)

Peter is founder of Future Lounge, with expertise in the megatrends and consumer behaviour in the Brazilian market.

 Mikkel Thrane, MEE Mobile Economic EcoSystem, HawkEye solutions Aps.

Mikkel is an expert in computer software business, with focus on the development of apps and MEE, which is a new platform for payment services.




João Gomes de Moraes, Owner of J. Moraes Solução em Logistica International

J. Moraes is a customs broker specialized in ANVISA rules and in customs clearance for any product entering the Brazilian market.


Renato Pacheco Neto, Lawyer

Renato is experience in Corporate Law and Dispute, Project Finance, Cross-border Transactions, Foreign Investment. Specialist in the legal aspects of setting up a company in Brazil

Phelipe Speilmann, CEO/Partner, Saude Controle

Saude Controle is an IT platform for personal medical records. Phelipe is behind start-ups such as Jornada Turismo, Katué Energy start-up in partnership with Siemens.


 Adrianno Barcellos, CEO/partner, Saude Controle

Experienced in online business models and the health sector. Adrianno can help in the search for potential investors and business partners.



Antonio José Vasconcelos Vicente, Accountant

Expert in dealing with foreign companies entering Brazil