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Passport for children under 12


The Ministry of Justice issued on December 12th 2012 a new law about passports that, among other things, means that passports that were issued after January 1st 2012 must have fingerprints.

Included in the new rules, there are also rules that every Danish citizen from June 26th must hold their own passport when travelling in and out the country. 

The possibility for children under 15 to be in their parents’ or other adults’ passports was already prohibited in the regulation’s change that entered into force on October 1st 2004. 

What should I do if the passport cannot be issued before the date of the trip?

If it is not possible to issue the passport before the trip, the Danish authority can issue an emergency passport. Please be aware that it is not every country that will allow entrance in its own territory with emergency passport. The Danish Embassy advises to contact the diplomatic representation of the country you are planning to visit to obtain more information. 

At the present time, children under 12 do not need to have their fingerprints taken to have a passport issued.

It is fee exempted to have a provisional passport issued if the citizen at the same time is applying for a normal passport which he/she pays the normal price for. 

You can find more information at the following website: (available in Danish) or at the municipalities’ homepages.