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When disaster strikes

If you get into serious trouble on your trip, the Danish Embassy, the Consulate General, and the Honorary Consulates are ready to provide assistance.

You can get assistance in: 

  • Transfer of money for the return trip  
  • Issuance of temporary (provisional) passport
  • Contact an attorney if you are arrested
  • Contact relatives in Denmark
  • Contact the insurance company in case of illness, accident or death
  • Information about risky areas

The Embassy and the Consulates does not provide assistance in the following cases:

  • Lending money or making banking transactions
  • Payment of subsistence allowance or pension
  • Get a person released from prison or pay a lawyer
  • Pay a hospital or a doctor
  • Provide a work permit

Outside closing hours:
If your situation is critical outside normal working hours or on weekends the State Department duty officer can be contacted by telephone, the number is +55 (61) 3878 4500.

The Embassy and Consulate charge a fee for some of the services they provide. Also, in case of delivery of documents or the like from the Embassy or Consulates a payment is required.    

Danish missions:
A list of Danish missions in Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela is available in the "About us"-section under "Contact". 

Honorary consulates do not usually have Danish-speaking staff. An honorary consul is normally a national, who Denmark has designated to handle Danish interests at that location. A Consul does not receive any salary for his/her work, but will try to help a Danish citizen, who is in a difficult situation.


Danish Embassy or Consulate General in Brazil


Embassy of Denmark, Brasília

Tel.: +55 61 3878 4500

Consulate General, São Paulo

Tel. +55 (11) 2127 0750