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Warning – possible fraud, tricks and scams by “fake” Danish companies

04.12.2018  16:52

The Embassy and Consulate General would like to warn against inquiries from criminals, “fake” Danish companies who impose themselves as being real, official Danish companies. If you receive an unexpected email, telephone call or letter from someone who claims to be from a Danish company, it may be a scam.

We know that criminals are:
• using websites to offer fake services or products;
• telephoning/emailing people in Brazil;
• using email addresses that look official but are not.

The criminals will try to make themselves seem very genuine. Sometimes the email address you see on the screen of a fake website or email is in that format, but when you click on it, it creates an e-mail that will be sent to a different address. They may use language that sounds official and may already seem to know something about your company.

If you are suspicious,
• always check the actual address on the email you are sending;
• do not give out company information and/or bank details, nor confirm that any company information they have is correct;
• do not pay them any money;
• report your suspicions to the competent Brazilian judicial authorities.

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