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What we do

Below you can get a brief introduction to what we do at the Danish missions in Brazil.

Consular services

Consular services include issuing Danish passports, Danish driving licences, legalisations, certificates, declarations, and consular assistance in connection with illness and death, money transfers, imprisonment, cases of child abduction etc.

Politics and economics

Participating in and reporting on Foreign Policy is a key objective of the Political and Economical Departments in Brazil. The Political Section is working with partners in Brazil to foster transparency and common understanding in questions related to Foreign Policy and the World.

We seek to present and explain the position the Danish Government takes on key foreign policy issues such as NATO and global security, counter-terrorism, Globalisation, cooperation in international organizations, nation building, the fight against poverty, Human Rights, and many other topics.

We work with colleagues in Governments. While researchers, think tanks, and other partners in Brazil constitute an equally important part of our network in Brazil.

The Political and Economical Department also monitors domestic political issues, the general political debate, and the economical situation in Brazil.

Public Digitalization

Brazil and Denmark have signed a letter of intent on creating an Innovation Lab in Public Management

A partnership on innovation and ICT projects for the public administration.

On the road to signing a Strategic Sector Cooperation in the area of digitization, the governments of Brazil and Denmark signed a letter of intent on December 2, 2015, concerning a strategic partnership on Innovation and ICT, including the creation of an innovation lab for accelerating projects and implementing them into society.

For a minimum of three years, the National School of Public Administration (ENAP) will host the laboratory in Brasilia (DF). The agreement was signed at the opening of Innovation Week in Public Management (InovaGov), held at the International Convention Centre of Brazil (CICB) in Brasilia .

It was proposed that the two countries share knowledge, staff and resources in innovation, and collaborate to identify ideas, select projects and develop solutions for improving the public sector. "The laboratory will contribute to the generation of creative solutions, more efficient and innovative policies that will transform the public services in Brazil, seeking to respond innovatively to the increasing demands of society," said Secretary of Public Management of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MP), Genildo Lins.

In addition to the new lab, the letter of intent provides for exchange of experiences, joint training of government officials from both Denmark and Brazil, joint research activities, participation in academic meetings and exchange of professionals.

Several European countries have shown interest in partnering with Brazil in this area. Denmark was chosen because of its successful government experience in accelerating innovative projects, called MindLab. In existence since 2002, MindLab has facilitated new projects that inspire creativity, innovation and collaboration in public management.

The idea of bringing MindLab to Brazil is not only to transfer knowledge from Denmark to Brazil, but also to bring new perspectives into the Danish innovation process. "Implementing policies into Denmark, a population of 5.6 million people, and implementing policies into a Brazilian context of over 200 million people, is a different challenge that MindLab can learn a lot from," noted Thomas Prehn, Director of MindLab.

The work involves citizens and businesses and aims at bringing government closer to society when implementing new policies. It will focus on innovation and ICT. The laboratory uses prototypes to test, adjust and develop new cost-effective solutions, thereby saving government funds to be used on other initiatives. In addition, it has a co-creation platform of good ideas.

Thomas Prehn

Signing of the cooperative agreement for innovation laboratory in Brazil inspired by MindLab.

Photo: Francisca Maranhão / Ministry of Planning.

For more information, please contact:
Counsellor Gustav Jensen, 
[email protected]
Danish Embassy, Brasilia

Press, Culture, and Public Diplomacy

The Department for Press, Culture, and Public Diplomacy is responsible for external communication and cultural events.

We provide information on Danish-related events and current affairs to the Brazilian and Danish media and general public in Brazil. 

Danish cultural events are initiated and promoted in close co-operation with Brazilian and Danish governmental departments, cultural institutions, venues, and independent producers.

The current focus:

Lets fight food waste!

Danish green solutions and architecture

Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC)

Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) on Health

Denmark has established a Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) between Brazilian and Danish health authorities to work together on innovative and more cost-effective solutions to common challenges within a sustainable healthcare system.

The Danish Embassy and the Health Counsellor Brit Borum Madsen who works closely together with Brazilian and Danish health authorities facilitate the bilateral government-to-government cooperation.

The focus of the bilateral cooperation is two-fold and involves different partners:
1.A cooperation between the Danish Health Data Authority and the Brazilian Ministry of Health which focuses on better use of health data in strategic planning and treatment to improve efficiency, access to quality healthcare, patient safety and coherent patient pathways etc.
2.A cooperation between the Danish Medicines Agency and Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) which aims at supporting more efficient, faster and transparent approval processes considering the overall licensing principles of pharmaceuticals: quality, safety and efficacy.

The purpose of this government-to-government cooperation is to learn from each other and achieve mutual benefits by sharing expertise, experiences and good practices.

The Danish-Brazilian partnership on health encompasses technical advice and assistance, training and capacity development, scholarships to university courses in Denmark, workshops, seminars and study tours to Brazil and Denmark etc. The activities are organized by the Health Counsellor at the Danish Embassy in Brasilia, the Danish Ministry of Health and the SSC-partners.

Development research activities

Moreover, the Health Counsellor facilitates bilateral development research projects on health between Brazilian and Danish research environments, health authorities and public-private partnerships funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015 constitute an overall thematic framework for the research activities. The main objective of the Danish support to the bilateral research cooperation between Brazil and Denmark is to contribute to new solutions based on new knowledge and approaches, relevant to the needs and strategies of Brazil and Denmark.

Trade and export

The objective is to assist Danish companies in initiating export to or establishing subsidiaries in Brazil, as well as identifying possible Brazilian partners, providing up-to-date market research, and assistance in attending trade exhibitions.

Our Trade Advisors offer the following products and services:

  • Export strategies
  • Identification of possible partners
  • Export counselling
  • Market monitoring 
  • Company visits
  • Assistance in establishing local subsidiaries
  • Attending, among other things, fairs and exhibitions