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Innovation Centre Denmark in São Paulo

We build bridges between research and business – globally

Whether you are a Danish business or research institution,  we help you grow, operate and build partnerships in Brazil.

Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) is a partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will find more information on the global network of Innovation Centre Denmark here (link)

Innovation Centre Denmark São Paulo is your gateway to the Brazilian growth market and we guide you to research and technology with high impact. With a great insight into the research landscape, we connect you to key players that help you read the needs and shape your business model.

Brazil has been named the ‘natural knowledge economy' with an innovation system largely built upon its rich natural resources: from agriculture and food to biodiversity and energy, but today the technological developments, innovation and growth are taking place across various sectors also including ICT, health and the creative economy. 

The Brazilian government puts a strong emphasis on the expansion and consolidation of the national system of science and technology and the promotion of technological innovation in business as one of the key drivers to help Brazil fulfil its potential for long-term economic growth.

Brazil is home to more than 6,5 million university students and a rapidly growing population of young researchers. As international collaboration is seen as a key vehicle in increasing quality in higher education, research and innovation the pool of talent looking for new opportunities is abundant.