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Representatives from the Danish companies, Codesealer, Festina Lente and Risk Butler met fintech market and regulation experts to explore the potential of the Brazilian market. After a successful week, where the companies presented their innovative solutions to leading Brazilian banks, financial institutions, startups and investment funds, they had got confidence about the new opportunities to explore:

“Getting to know the Brazilian market and it’s potential for companies such as CodeSealer has shown that Denmark has something to offer, even from small companies, but also that opportunities lies ahead if we as Danish companies work together with our Danish Foreign Ministry and it’s offices around the world”, says Tonny Rabjerg, CEO at Codesealer.

The Brazilian companies and institutions were all very impressed by all the Danish solutions and especially the major Brazilian banks were eager to explore further collaboration. The camp also meant that the Danish companies now have a more in-depth understanding of the Brazilian market as well as a broader network.

The conference ended with a networking cocktail from which the representatives left full of positive impressions:

“I am deeply thankful for the job done, everything just worked from the first contact to a well planned trip, down to the last detail, and at all time we felt the dedication and support from all”, concludes Tonny from Codesealer.

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