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FOM technologies

FOM Technologies wanted to address global opportunities with their research and their technologies. Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) São Paulo helped FOM Technologies find collaboration partners in Brazil.

High potential for developing

FOM Technologies discovered the high potential in finding partners and bringing their knowledge and technology to Brazil through the program “Innovation Growth”. ICDK São Paulo used their local network to make a prioritised list of valuable connections within the research environment.

Moving forward with new collaboration partners

 - Innovation Centre Denmark São Paulo helped us connect with researchers and research institutions who had an interest in our technology and our knowledge. Today we have a collaboration agreement with a leading research network in Brazil within our field, says Martin Kiener, CEO at FOM Technologies.

Facts about FOM Technologies

  • FOM Technologies is a spin-off company from Risoe-DTU Energy conversion and storage, solar energy department
  • FOM Technologies design and manufacture high-end research equipment for functional organic materials such as Organic Solar Cells, OLED, and fuel cells

This case story exemplifies our service Partnering & Assessment in Science & Technology.