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“Brazil is a jungle. Without the TC’s local knowledge, network and expertise we would never have been able to adapt our strategy to suit the needs of the Brazilian market and meet our goals” – Martin Kjær, Export Director of Cult  

With its vast potential, the Brazilian market was chosen as a new focus-area for the Danish energy drink producer, who chose to launch the products MOKAÏ and CULT Energy upon market entry.  

About Cult   

CULT is a successful Danish beverage company, best known for its energy drink CULT Energy and the alcoholic drinks CULT Shaker and MOKAÏ, who has aggressively been moving into new and emerging markets. Because of the country’s sheer size, growing economy and young population, CULT sees Brazil is seen as an excellent opportunity.   

CULT was accepted into the VITUS programme, a programme targeting Danish SMEs with a considerable high international growth potential. CULT was The Trade Council assisted with crafting the right entry strategy and during the initial fact-finding period drastically changing the company’s strategy – going from local production to importing the product. By this change, CULT could attain access to the A-segment thus being able to sell at a premium price, as well as creating the necessary hype of the brand.   

To establish a strong entry package for CULT in Brazil, The Trade Council conducted a in depth market research and mapped of the market for both products, as well as assisted with identifying commercial partners, such as opinion-leaders in the fashion and night-club industry. The Trade Council assisted CULT in teaming up with a good importer with an excellent distributing network and in the implementation phase, The Trade Council assisted CULT on the process of securing the products approved by the Brazilian authorities. At the Danish Export Day 2014 Cult was chosen as one of the winners of the Vitus Awards, given to companies who have experienced an export success and have benefitted from the expertise of the trade counsellors trough the Vitus programme.   

Read more about the Vitus Programme here


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