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Leading the way for Danish SME's in Brazil

“I believe we are a good example of the fact that there are room for Danish SME´s in the Brazilian market. Our success has been highly depended on a well-defined strategy based on an in-depth market analysis prior to our entry. Furthermore it has been a huge advantage to use the incubator facilities offered by the consulate general in Rio de Janeiro, which has given us an easy entry platform at a low cost” – Daniel Lister CEO Danmagi

Entering the Brazilian market is not a first choice for Danish SMEs, but the small Danish B2B IT company Danmagi shows that it is possible for SMEs to have success in the Brazilian market.

Why Brazil?

Danmagi is a small Danish B2B IT company providing High speed internet access (HSIA) services on a local and global scale. Due to stagnating growth in Europe, Danmagi has chosen to focus on emerging markets. Danmagi focuses on internet solutions for hotel guests and will focus on the strong tourism and mega event happening these years in Brazil.

Why Trade Council São Paulo?

The Trade Council was present from the first stage of planning and discovering the most suitable strategy for Danmagi´s entry in Brazil. By mapping hotel chains and fostering linkage to local agents The Trade Council helped Danmagi to gain market access. Also, the trade council’s incubator facilities in Rio de Janeiro eased Danmagi’s entry to the Brazilian market, as they could use the address at the facilities to register their company in Brazil.


Today Danmagi has been present in the Brazilian market for two and a half years and are currently working on achieving their goal of providing their services at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.


For more information please contact

The Trade Council of Denmark in São Paulo,

R . Oscar Freire, 379, CJ 31,
CEP: 01426-001
São Paulo – SP 

Phone.: +55 (11) 2127 0750