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Brazil as a Market

Here you will find a short description of the Brazilian market and interesting sectors in the country. In the menu to the left other information such as key economic and framework conditions is available.

Despite the current economic slowdown, Brazil presents important opportunities in a number of sectors: the water crisis has forced public and private utility companies to look for technology and services that can help minimizing water losses, while the increased energy prices (now amongst the highest in the world) have increased the demand for smart solutions that can cut the electricity cost in the industry and service sectors.

The country continues to experience impressive growth rates in the online business, and in beauty and accessories there are positive outlooks in a number of areas.  

Food and agriculture remain target for continued investment, and despite cuts in public spending, imports of medicine and medical equipment to the health sector are significant. Areas such as telemedicine and IT solutions are on demand for both the public and private health care providers.  

Independently of the economic cycles, Brazil is a country that requires a long-term commitment and investment for companies to harvest from the benefits of what is the world’s 7th largest economy.