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Framework Conditions and Barriers

Here you can find a brief description on obstacles your company might encounter when entering Brazil. Also, information about how the Trade Council can assist you in overcoming these obstacles can be found by following the links.

Brazil has a large and diversified yet complex economy which offers various opportunities for exporting goods and services. 

Despite notable improvements, the Brazilian market presents a number of challenges, including an uneven income distribution, inadequately educated workforce and poor infrastructure as well as a complex tax system, linguistic and cultural differences, and a cumbersome bureaucracy.

The World Bank ranked Brazil number 125 in 2017, out of 190 economies in the world, in terms of ease of doing business, with number 1 being the easiest country to operate in. Brazil’s low position on the ranking list is a result of difficulties related to dealing with construction permits, registering property, paying taxes and enforcing contracts.

Thus, doing business in Brazil requires intimate knowledge of the local environment, which is where the Trade Council can assist you and your company.