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Science, Innovation and Higher Education

Getting access to the most advanced knowledge and the best brains in the world has become an ever increasing demand of both research institutions and businesses in order to preserve a competitive edge.

Since only a small fraction of the world’s total knowledge is produced within Denmark’s own borders, it has become a basic necessity to focus beyond our national borders and orient ourselves towards international research communities and cooperation with foreign partners in the world’s fastest growth areas in order to gain access to talent, cutting-edge knowledge and new markets. 

In line with this, the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education and the Danish Trade Council have initiated a whole range of internationalisation initiatives and programmes with the aim to increase collaboration and the rate of knowledge exchange between Danish and foreign knowledge communities.

A cornerstone in these initiatives has been the setting-up of Danish Innovation Centres and the posting of dedicated attachés in strong, international knowledge environments around the world - Silicon Valley (USA), Shanghai (China), Munich (Germany), New Delhi (India), Tel Aviv (Israel), Seoul (South Korea) and São Paulo (Brazil) - with the task to assist Danish institutions of higher education, universities, researchers and knowledge-intensive companies in getting access to network, knowledge, technology, markets and capital abroad.
Read more about the São Paulo Office here. Today, Brazil does not only draw attention because of its positive economic development, but also because of its targeted investments in higher education, science and technology.

To ensure that Denmark maintains and develops its strong thighs of cooperation with Brazil in the future, the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education and its Brazilian counterparts in 2011 signed a Memorandum of Understanding  on collaboration in science, technology, innovation and higher education - an agreement that has since been followed by several specific and targeted agreements between funding organisations and institutions of higher education and research in Denmark and Brazil.

By following the links below, you will find more information related to the general agreement on collaboration between Denmark and Brazil.