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Mission and Services

It is the overall mission of our Science, Innovation and Higher Education-team to contribute to the internationalization of Danish research and higher education in Brazil and to enhance the innovative and competitive strengths of Danish businesses though scientific and educational collaboration.

We provide local services to Danish researchers, universities, research institutions and innovative environments in close collaboration with our colleagues in the team of commercial advisers of The Trade Council in Brazil.

Through local networks and activities in São Paulo - as well as the rest of Brazil - it is our job to be up to date on obvious opportunities of cooperation and to target and qualify first contacts between Danish and Brazilian parties.

We will create the connection to Brazil by facilitating, connecting and bridging. Our services are tailor-made to the individual case, need and project, but can in short be divided in three clusters:

  • Matchmaking: Create networks, partnerships and agreements between Danish and Brazilian researchers, institutes, universities, research institutions research funding bodies and government agencies by co-organising delegations to and from Denmark and plan, co-finance workshops and events 
  • Branding: Promote Danish research clusters and strongholds and higher education through meetings, presentations, conferences, events, fairs etc. 
  • Knowledge transfer: Advising Danish stakeholders about Brazilian opportunities and general dissemination about Brazilian research and education.

We welcome approaches from both Brazilian and Danish stakeholders.