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Sectors in Focus

The export promotion team in Brazil works with industry analysis covering a broad spectrum of sectors, but specialized in the following:

Life Science (Health) 
A rapidly growing middle-class has increased the number of life-style diseases, and various health challenges are associated with poor sanitary conditions, lack of access to medical help, medicine and clean water. Moreover, a growing elderly population presents opportunities for products and services related to this segment.  

Environment and Energy
The current water crisis, initiated in early 2014, has caused severe effects related to water and energy shortages and raised public awareness to the inefficiency of the water utilities processes. This has led, among other things to an increase in the Brazilian investments into water infrastructure, including sanitation, drinking water, sewage, and wastewater treatment.

As the fifth largest ICT market worldwide in terms of expenditure, Brazil represents the vast majority of the sector expenditures in Latin America. The growth of broadband connections helped the digital inclusion of a large share of the population, which still boosts the market of smartphones, tablets and hardware.

Nowadays, Brazil already stands as the fourth country with most active cellphones in the world – and second largest country with subscriptions on Facebook, which lead to many opportunities concerning applications and digital marketing. Because of this new engagement, a new consumer culture has been created, for example, with the growth of e-commerce, that despite the slowing economy, has remained its upward trend – the forecast for 2015 is that the sector generates BRL 43 billion, a 20% increase in comparison to the previous year.

Besides that, internet and mobile banking are also growing fast, since the financial sector’s investments represent 18% of all ICT market in the country.

These changes and new perspectives also increase the demand for Big Data, Cloud Computing, CRMs, ERP, BI and Digitalization, since more automated services require an expansion in storage capacity, power to process data and management of information.

Agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries
Today, Brazil is the second largest agricultural economy in the world after the United States, but is projected to become the largest in the near future. The country is already the leading producer and exporter of food products such as beef, poultry, sugarcane, ethanol, orange juice and coffee.

Moreover, apart from the ability to cultivate a lot more land as the demand for food products increases, the productivity of the agricultural sector presents plenty of potential for improvement within cattle production and aquaculture among others.

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