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Danish passport

Here you can read about the procedure for getting a new passport, a renewal of your old passport or an emergency (provisional) passport in Brazil.

In Brazil, you can have your passport issued at the Danish Embassy in Brasília or at the General Consulate in São Paulo. The honorary consulates only issue passports for children below the age of 12, extend the validity of passports and issue emergency passports (provisional passports).

Please read about the application procedure here. The processing time for a new passport is approximately five weeks.

Extension of passports
In order to extend a passport, it must not have expired longer than 3 months ago. Furthermore, a passport can only be extended once and for a maximum period of 12 months. Therefore, we highly recommend you to contact the authorities of your destination, to make sure they recognize extended passports. For instance, it is not possible to travel without a visa to the US on an extended passport.

Emergency passports (provisional)
An emergency passport is issued with validity limited to the period required for the duration of the travel and the rules of the countries you enter in between the destination, and for a maximum of 12 months. A provisional passport must be returned to the Police or to a Danish mission abroad after use. Travelling with an emergency passport may cause problems with other countries’ border controls. Therefore, we highly you to contact the authorities of your destination, to make sure they recognize extended passports.

Can I get a new passport during my holiday in Denmark?
All Danish citizens can apply for a passport at the Civil Service Centre (Borgerservicecenter) in any municipality – it is not necessary for you to reside in the municipality. Please find the municipalities here. You may contact them in advance for information about opening hours, scheduling of an appointment etc. and inform them that you reside abroad. Processing time for an ordinary passport is approximately 10-14 days. The municipality can issue a passport faster with an additional fee charged.

Must I bring photos for the passport?
New passport: the Embassy/General Consulate will take the photos.
Emergency passport (provisional passport): you must bring 2 photos.
Children: You must bring a new digital photo of the child, which meets the requirements for passport photos of the Police

Must children also give their fingerprints?
Fingerprints are not collected from children below 12 years of age, but they still have to appear in person to apply for a passport.

Digital consent for a passport to your child
You can give digital consent for a passport to your child if you have a Danish CPR number and NEM-ID. Your child does not need to have a Danish CPR number. Give digital consent here. Once you have filled the consent form and signed with your NEM-ID, you can print a receipt. We will also send the receipt to your digital mailbox (e-box). The consent is valid for 90 days.