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Marriage in Denmark

Below you can find information about marriage in Denmark between a Brazilian and a Danish citizen.

When getting married in Denmark, Danish municipalities normally ask the Brazilian citizen to provide the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Declaration of Marital Status
  • Passport

The birth certificate and the declaration of marital status are required to have apostille certificates issued by a public notary. Read about the apostille certificate here.

Hereafter, the documents must be translated. Contact the municipality (Kommune), where the marriage will take place, about the necessity of a sworn interpreter.

The rules might vary depending on the place of marriage. Therefore, the Embassy recommends that you contact the municipality, where you intend to get married.

For the couple to reside in Denmark, the alien normally has to apply for a family reunion residence permit.

As a general rule, foreign men and women, who are married to Danish nationals acquire Danish nationality by naturalisation after residing in Denmark for 6 years, of which the 3 last years have been together with their Danish spouse. Read more about naturalisation here.